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3X Krazy

Location:Oakland, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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3X Krazy are B.A (Bart), Agerman and Keak Da Sneak, They released in 1995 the Sick-O EP. In 1997 their second release Stackin Chips came out, it featured Yumouth, Seagram, Numskull and others. They next released Immortalized came out in 1999 and Real Talk 2000 was released in 2000. A best of album was released in 2000. In 1999 Keak Da Sneak and Agerman both released solo albums and in 2000 Agerman and Keak Da Sneak released a album together called Dual Committee. In 2001 Keak Da Sneak released The Unda Dogs soundtrack and his second solo album Hi Tek. B.A released block Report in 2002. Keak Da Sneak also released Retaliation in 2002 on Black Market Records. In 2003 Flowamatic 9 was released which featured the tracks from Sick-O EP and some bonus tracks.