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DJ Aladdin

Location:Compton, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Coming from the challenging streets of Compton, California, proved to be an uphill battle for DJs trying to earn respect in the heartland of where Hip Hop originated. However, DJ Aladdin managed to make a name for himself by gaining recognition in New York through his participation in the prestigious D.M.C. (Disco Mixing Championships). In 1989, he achieved the title of East Coast DJ Champion, a remarkable feat. DJ Aladdin stood out among his peers by combining elements of both East and West Coast DJ styles, earning respect from the East Coast hip hop community.

Displaying a unique DJing style of his own, DJ Aladdin showcased his talent on a global scale, participating in battles against DJs from all over the world. He achieved an impressive second place out of more than 50 DJs, representing various countries, during a competition in London. In the 1980s, DJ Aladdin also made significant contributions to the original K-Day Radio Station and became a member of the esteemed K-Day Mixmaster's crew.

Expanding his musical prowess, DJ Aladdin ventured into music production, working with notable artists such as Ice T, King Tee, and W.C. He produced Ice T's album "O.G.," which achieved gold status on Warner Bros. Records. DJ Aladdin also contributed to the soundtrack of the film "New Jack City" with the theme song "New Jack Hustler" featuring Ice T. Additionally, he remixed "Get Off" for the artist formerly known as Prince and produced "Depths of Hell" for the movie "Trespass," starring Ice T and Ice Cube.

DJ Aladdin's rise to prominence escalated when he made his debut on MTV, showcasing his mixing skills on the popular "Dr. Dre & Ed Lover" show in the 1990s. With this exposure, he gained worldwide fame, solidifying his status as a legend in the DJ community and establishing himself as an influential figure in the realm of Hip Hop.