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Don Jagwarr

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Ragga Hip-Hop
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Duane Earle. Help to write "It's On" and "Switchez" for Eazy-E.

Earle The Poet dropped on the scene in '90 with "High Noon" on EMI records and then disappeared from the national scene until he reappeared in '93 with an uncredited appearance on Ice Cube's "Wicked"...complete with a new Ragga Style.

All the while of making music, he was also making history with his Legendary Hot Dog Cart in LA. Besides building a loyal customer base for his food enterprise, he was also making his mark as a fierce battle MC on this Hot Dog cart missions.

Eventually, he put his energy into opening a full blown restaurant and that's when Earlez Grille was born. Today it exists as a key LA Eatery and has the rare notoriety for catering to meat-eaters as well as Vegetarian/Vegans.