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Extra Prolific

Location:Oakland, CA
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Extra Prolific was an American hip-hop group formed in the early 1990s in Oakland, California. The group consisted of two members: Duane "Snupe" Lee and producer / DJ Michael "Mike G" Getmore, and was a subgroup of the rap collective Hieroglyphics.

Extra Prolific released their debut album, "Like It Should Be," in 1994. The album received positive reviews and gained popularity among hip-hop audiences. The track "Brown Sugar" became a charting single and one of their most recognizable songs.

Extra Prolific had their own unique style, blending emotional lyrics, social commentary, and the distinct sound of East Oakland, California.

While Extra Prolific may not have achieved mainstream commercial success, their contributions to hip-hop culture cannot be underestimated. They remain a recognizable and respected name within the music community, particularly within the context of the Golden Era of hip-hop.