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Havoc & Prodeje

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Havoc & Prodeje, a hip-hop duo made up of brothers Lavell "Havoc" Campbell and Sean "Prodeje" Duchene, are well known for their association with the influential West Coast hip-hop collective, South Central Cartel.

Originally from Watts, Los Angeles, California, Havoc & Prodeje began their musical journey by joining South Central Cartel in 1991. The group quickly rose to prominence due to their gritty sound and the socially conscious themes in their lyrics, which shed light on the grim realities of life in Los Angeles.

Throughout their time with South Central Cartel, Havoc & Prodeje contributed to the release of several albums, including notable ones such as "South Central Madness" (1991), "N Gatz We Truss" (1994), and "All Day Everyday" (1997). They received accolades for their skillful lyricism, impactful songs, and captivating live performances.

In the 2000s, Havoc & Prodeje branched out into their own solo careers. Both artists continued to release music independently, putting out albums and collaborating with various hip-hop acts. Their individual work has continued to make a significant impact on the genre, solidifying their position as influential figures within the Los Angeles rap scene.