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Low Profile

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Hip Hop
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Low Profile was a notable hip hop duo hailing from Los Angeles, United States. The duo consisted of rapper William "W.C." Calhoun Jr. and record producer Alphonso "D.J. Aladdin" Henderson, who later ventured into visual arts. Initially, they made their debut with Rhyme $yndicate Records, contributing to a compilation album produced by Ice-T and Afrika Islam. Eventually, they signed with Priority Records and continued their journey as a duo.

Although their time together was relatively brief, Low Profile had a significant impact on West Coast hip hop. They released their sole album, titled We're in This Together. Additionally, they made appearances on the Rhyme Syndicate compilation album titled Rhyme Syndicate Comin' Through. Following their collaboration, DJ Aladdin went on to collaborate with Ice-T, while WC formed a group called WC and the Maad Circle, featuring an aspiring rapper named Coolio, who later gained fame in his own right.