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Mellow Man Ace

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Funk, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Conscious Rap
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Mellow Man Ace, born Ulpiano Sergio Reyes in Havana, Cuba, earned the nickname "The Godfather of Latin Rap." At the age of four, he emigrated from Cuba with his family and settled in Los Angeles. In 1989, Mellow Man Ace released his debut album Escape from Havana, which was produced by the Dust Brothers and Def Jef under Capitol Records.

In 1990, Mellow Man Ace made a significant impact on the music scene with his chart-topping single "Mentirosa" (Liar), becoming one of the first Latin hip-hop songs to achieve mainstream success. The song's popularity marked an important milestone in the fusion of Latin and hip-hop genres. Additionally, in 2002, Mellow Man Ace was honored with induction into the Hip-hop Hall Of Fame.