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Murderous Klick

Location:Las Vegas, NV
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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A group from the Westside section of Las Vegas, NV, That made a name for themselves in the early 90's. They made there debut in 1996 with a album called Maddness N Evil Wayz under there independent label MK 420 Records. They release there second album "Klickalation Mafioso" in 2002 under Maneuver Inc. They also appeared in a compilation album called "Northtown Vs. Westside Vol. 1" in 1997 on a song called "What That M.K. Like" and also appeared in Clika One's second album called "The Circle" in 2001 on a song called "Gangsta Muzik". The group consist of Foolish P., Pimp Bomb, Act-A-Nut & Mack Vill'n.