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Poetry In Motion

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Californian hip-hop group, from South Central Los Angeles. The group formed in 1986 and consisted of Darrell L. Johnson (D-Rock-D), Eric Williams (D-Easy-E), Jacques Barnes (D-M-D). They released a pair of singles in the late 1980's (notably the Dr. Dre-produced local classic hit "Killer Dayton's"), before all the members disbanded. D-M-D decided to continue recording in the 1990's and rebranded the Poetry 'N' Motion group along with a new member Yahya Abdullah and a harder gangsta rap sound. The two released the album Staying Down In South Central in 1993, which was produced by west coast hip-hop pioneer and former N.W.A. member The Arabian Prince. Yahya Abdullah passed away several years later and D-M-D passed away in late 2021/early 2022.