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Street Thugs

Location:Oakland, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Street Thugz is a rap group from The Bay Area, California, made up of rappers Nutt-So, Doe-G (bka Doe Savell, pka Mo' $avage) & lb. (pronounced Pound, aka Len B.). They were signed to Snake Pit Records, which released the compilation Bay Area Playas where they had the smash hit "Deep In The Game". The group came together in 1990 to release their first album, "Not To Be Fu•?ed With" in 1995. Which gained them state wide notoriety to get noticed by the likes of MC Hammer (strong recommendation from ghost writers Deuce-Deuce) who signed the trio to his record label Mo' Hits Records. Shortly after their debut release, the group was recruited by a fresh out of jail 2Pac to come to Death Row Records with hopes of fulfilling an obligated contract with the label to later join forces on Makaveli Records.