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The Right Way Malitia - Malitia Muzik cover

The Right Way Malitia - Malitia Muzik

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Year: 2003
Genre: Gangsta Rap
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Duration: 01 h 07 m 21 s
Sampler (160 kbps)
01. Alias, Black C, Da General, Hitman, Kalyde, Military Minded, Prime Minister - Hostile Takeover
02. Black C, H.H. Mob - Turnin State
03. Black C, Night Train, Prime Minister, Quicks - Double Jeapordy
04. Black C, Dre Mac, Hitman, Moe Da Hustla, Quicks - Raw!
05. Black C, Military Minded, T. Royal T - Fuck Wit These
06. Arsenal, Columbo, Moe Da Hustla, Mo Murda, Pac Man, Tystik - When We Ride
07. Klika, Dre Hype, Dre Mac, Moe Da Hustla, Prime Minister - Anotha Day
08. Military Minded, T. Royal T, Young Thugg - Hustlas, Gangstas, Rydas
09. Baby Bugsy, Prime Minister, Quicks, T. Royal T - Playin Possum
10. A Lotto, Money, T. Royal T, Tommy, Tystik - Niggaz Aint Playin
11. Black C, Hitman, Military Minded - Critical Shit!
12. Black C, Matt 11, Military Minded, Young Thugg - Lie Lo
13. Alias, Baby Finsta, Black C, Toe Tagger - Str8 Out Of H.P.
14. Alias, Black C, Hitman, Moe Da Hustla, Prime Minister, Simon, Toe Tagge - Malitia Anthem
15. Black C, Hitman, J. Murray, N.O.H. Mafia, Tystik, Young Ed - The Last Song

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