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Toddy Tee

Location:Compton, CA
Genre:Electro, Gangsta Rap, G-Funk
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Toddy Tee, an influential figure in Los Angeles' old school rap scene, played a significant role in the development of West Coast rap. His contributions are comparable to the impact Afrika Bambaataa had on the New York scene, although Toddy Tee often goes unrecognized for his influence. The limited availability of his musical catalog may be a contributing factor to this lack of recognition. However, one significant piece of his career is the Batterram tape, a live recording circulated similarly to the Zulu Nation's 'throwdowns'. This tape was later referenced in Ice-T's 'Six', documenting the LAPD's use of an armored car as a new tactic in combating crack houses. The battering ram-like vehicle allowed law enforcement to drive directly into suspect's houses.