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Totally Insane

Location:East Palo Alto, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Rap group from East Palo Alto, CA, consisting of Mac-10 (P. Allen), Ad Kapone (A. Hicks) & T.C. (T. Witherspoon).

Formerly the group was comprised of four individuals: Ad Kapone, Mac-10, Mc Silk & Zero Lark. They had already begun recording as a unit but with no group name yet. Then Zero Lark couldn't keep up with studio time leaving T.C. to work with Mac, Ad & Silk; they began recording a new EP and in the midst of that recording, Silk had gotten pregnant and left the group. So they recorded their own album "Crazy Shit", under the name Totally Insane. The album wouldn't make it to see the light of day after neighborhood kingpin Michael D. Washington was killed. Mike was the one funding the groups efforts and after passing, Ad Kapone turned to his brother Chris who refused to proceed with pressing the album. A neighborhood friend of Ad Kapone's named Manny decided to fund the groups new project which would be their official debut "Direct From the Backstreet".