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Young Soldierz

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Genre:Gangsta Rap
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Young Soldierz was an American rap group formed by members of the Bloods & Crips recording project.

Young Soldierz came together during the making of the Bloods & Crips project called Bangin' on Wax on Dangerous Records, selling 500,000 copies.During this success the group was formed by members Big Wy, Dog, Pops and Lil' Stretch and released their only self-titled a "Young Soldierz" album in 1993 along with two hit singles titled "If Tomorrow Comes" and "Alligator".

While still making music with the Bloods and Crips for the second album titled Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues (selling 400,000 copies), they met Death Row Records' co-founder Suge Knight and eventually signing to Death Row Records. The group was featured on the original soundtrack from Murder Was the Case in 1994 and Gang Related in 1997. When Death Row Records was struggling the group broke up in 1998, while the group departed ways Big Wy and Dog (now Suga Buga) recorded the last album How Deep Is Your Hood with the Damu Ridas and continued to rap by forming a group called The Relativez.


Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods:

Big Wy (aka Red Rag) - has released an album with the group Young Soldierz. He founded group: Cali Swag District.

Bounty Hunter Bloods:

Lil' Stretch owns a motorcycle store

Weirdos Gangster Bloods: Dogg, Pops